53 Degrees is a design and build company specialising in the design and build of backdrops, sets for TV, and the supply and installation of stages and rostrums. Whether it is a conference backdrop, seminar backdrops, AGM backdrops or other corporate backdrops, themed events and event backdrops or a simple meeting backdrop we have extensive experience and can assist with the delivery of a memorable and professional backdrop.

Alcatel stand and Backdrop 1.jpgAlcatel stand and Backdrop 2.jpgAmerican Chamber of Commerce Backdrop.jpgAn Bor Bia Awards backdrop.jpgBackdrop_Irish_Nationwide AGM Backdrop.jpgBusiness and Finace Awards Backdrop.jpgBusiness and Finance Awards Backdrop 2.jpgBusiness and Finance Awards Backdrop.jpgDavid McWilliams Studio Ste for The Big Bite.jpgDiageo CCD Sales Backdrop  and stage.jpgDiageo CCD Sales Backdrop 2.jpgDiageo CCD Sales Backdrop.jpgDiageo Sales Backdrop 3.jpgDiageo Sales Backdrop 4.jpgEmirates stage and backdrop 2.jpgEmirates stage and backdrop 3.jpgEmirates stage and backdrop 4.jpgEmirates stage and backdrop 5.jpgEmirates stage and backdrop.jpgFamily Fortunes The Helix Dublin Backdrop 2.jpgFamily Fortunes The Helix Dublin Backdrop.jpgGolden Spider Awards Backdrop 2011.jpgGolden Spiders Backdrop.jpgGolden Spiders CCD backdrop.jpgHuawei stage and backdrop 2.jpgHuawei stage and backdrop 3.jpgLance Armstrong Global Cancer Summit stage and backdrop 2.JPGLance Armstrong Global Cancer Summit stage and backdrop 3.JPGLance Armstrong Global Cancer Summit stage and backdrop.JPGLife Sciences Backdrop.jpgMastermind stage and backdrop 2.jpgMastermind stage and backdrop.jpgPeople of the Year backdrop.JPGRTE Aviva Sports Studio set backdrop 1.JPGRTE Olympics Studio set backdrop 1.JPGRTE Olympics Studio set backdrop 2.JPGRTE Olympics Studio set backdrop 3.JPGSports Awards Backdrop.jpgSports Studio Backdrop.jpgStudio set for Jedward 1.jpgStudio set for Jedward 2.jpgTake Me Out Backdrop in the Helix.JPGThe Late Late Show backdrop.JPGThe Late Late Show Studio set backdrop.JPGUEFA Backdrop.jpgVIP Awards backdrop.jpgWeb Summit Backdrop 1.jpgWeb Summit Backdrop 3.jpg